Real estate closing attorneys examine the title records for prior conveyances, unpaid mortgages, liens, judgments, easements, and other encumbrances on title. They verify the seller’s authority to convey a good title to the property and that no errors exist in the chain of title. They discuss with the title insurance company to effect insurance coverage against any adverse claims of ownership, liens, and easements.

At closing, closing attorneys provide detailed explanations of the documents to ensure that the parties understand all issues involved in the transaction. Such issues include the contract of sale, obligations of contract, analysis of title searches, extent of risks, probability of damage, and obligations of closing. They then disburse funds, record relevant documents as public records, and prepare title insurance policies for the purchaser and lender.

The closing attorney’s role can be summarized up as follows:

For buyers, attorneys:

For sellers, attorneys:

When can I schedule a closing?

Subject to the Lender's final approval, you can request a closing at any time. We prefer that closings be scheduled at least one business day in advance.

When will I get a HUD-1 for review?

When we receive closing instructions from the lender,settlement statements are prepared. We encourage lenders to timely submit their closing instructions to us and strive to provide a settlement statement to you expeditiously.

Will you close short sale transactions?

A short sale occurs when a lender agrees to accept less than the full mortgage balance owed in exchange for releasing its interest in the property. When evaluating short sale offers, most lenders require a draft settlement statement. We will work with you through the short sale approval process and prepare preliminary settlement statements as may be required.

Please understand that in a short sale transaction, the seller cannot receive any proceeds from the sale. Furthermore, the short selling lender may insist upon reduced real estate agent commissions and caps to any seller-paid closing costs.